Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey all. Freesoundtrack, for a while now, has been handed off to a few different admins. As a result, I'm not really in charge of it anymore. Since this blog is on the same account as my other one and there's no way to transfer it to somebody else, it seems like this blog unfortunately is going to stay the way it is. Freesoundtrack IS still alive however, and I'd like to thank the Admins, especially SGF and DeeJayDomos, and all the content creators who have helped keep it that way.
You can find all the royalty free music submitted to freesoundtrack here

Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Soundtrack Info V 3.1

What is Free Soundtrack?
Free soundtrack is a system established to provide people with free music without the use of sometimes risky royalty sites. Any music posted on this account can be used by anyone and used in any submission on the internet, be it newgrounds, youtube, or even an online web series. Free Soundtrack blog allows the use of the music downloaded from here to be used commercially. (this includes everything on the official freesoundtrack youtube page) However, the music is NOT all made by myself. Free Soundtrack is merely organized by me.

So how does it work?
Free Soundtrack WILL NOT WORK without the participation of users. Anyone can submit music to me. I will post my email at the end of all this. Anyone can take from free soundtrack, and anyone can add to free soundtrack. Artists will be given due credit for their work, and can post their work anywhere else. Hopefully we will be able to create a successful system of give and take.

However, there are a few requirements and preferences.


-Music must be created completely by you. You may not submit copyrighted music, or cover songs of copyrighted music. You also may not submit music by other users. If your music has been used in free soundtrack without your consent, please contact me immediately. If you have proof that this is your music I will remove it immediately. Also, if you see any music you recognize as copyrighted PLEASE tell me. I do not want to get into legal trouble with this.

-Music must be actual music. I will not judge the quality of music, however if for example what you send me is a sound clip of you making guttural sounds, I will not post it.

- In order to be credited, you must send me the following information
-Song Name
-Song description (this is EXACTLY what I will put as the YT video description, so you might want to put "By _______" at the beginning, because I will no longer do it.)
-Youtube Tags (whatever tags you want for the video this MUST have "Free Soundtrack" and "Freesoundtrack" in it)

-All music you send must be in .MP3 FORMAT AS AN ATTACHMENT. I will not even open the file if it is anything else. I get a lot of music, I don't have time to convert files, download mediafire links, and things of that nature.

-Any artist can ask to have their own submitted music removed, however, any usage in any online outlet BEFORE the track's removal shall be condoned. Again, if you see any copyrighted music on FST, PLEASE tell me.


Be patient, I've got a LOT of emails to get through. I'm sorry if I haven't posted your song. Give it time. If I haven't posted your song either I haven't gotten to it yet, OR you sent is in some format other than .mp3 as an attachment OR it wasn't music (IE you screaming into your mic, clicking a mouse over and over, scratching your mic against a table, ect.) Also, you might want to name the email appropriately. I'm pretty sure my spam filter would block something like "I MAED SOGN LOLOLOLOLOLOL!"

Music submitted to free soundtrack can be of any genre. However, it is preferred that the music would fit well as background or credit music. Lyrics are not recommended, however, are allowed. Also, In the description it is advised that you put the mood/ overall tone of the song. I have also added a section on the youtube for types of songs that we need more of on FST :).

Can I use preassorted loops from programs like fruity loops or Magix?
You can, but I would prefer that you didn't. At this point FST has so many songs that use music loops we don't really need any more. It's getting to the point where i listen to a song, and immediately think of 2 other songs already on FST that use the exact same portions.



-Artists and songs must be included somewhere in the video's credits
-You may not repost music from free soundtrack without the original artist's consent
-When Crediting the artist of the song, credit the actual artist, NOT Free Soundtrack. Though if you want to include free soundtrack along with it, I have no objection to that.

Ok, Now that that's over with

I am not a musician, but I still want to help Free Soundtrack. What can I do?
That's simple. Promote it.( Note: This does NOT mean spam channels and forums.) If you are semi internet famous, make a video, or a blog post, or something promoting Free Soundtrack. What will this do for you? Well the more people that know about Free Soundtrack, the more people will submit music to me.

Will Free Soundtrack steal my credit?
Absolutely not! You can post your own music anywhere else you please. Free soundtrack is merely here as a medium stating that you are fine with your music being used on the web, and for the convenience of the person creating the media.

Send any music you want me to submit (with the information) to Guitarmasterx7@gmail.com . BY SUBMITTING MUSIC TO THIS EMAIL YOU STATE THAT LEGALLY THIS MUSIC IS CREATED BY YOU AND IS APPROVED FOR LEGAL DISTRIBUTION AND USE. Also, if you have any questions about free soundtrack feel free to ask. I will get back to you when i have the chance. PLEASE do not send me fanmail or YT related questions. I will not reply to it.

Also, due to me being really lazy and unable to transfer this blog to another person, this blog will no longer be used to keep track of songs. All music on freesoundtrack will be found through the youtube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Admin: Smiledgamingfreakz

Hey all. Since you've all been complaining about me not posting often enough, smiledgamingfreakz (usually shortened to SGF, there's a good amount of electronica and DnB tracks on Free soundtrack by him) offered to help post music and whatnot for me. here's a link to his YT channel http://www.youtube.com/user/SGFVIDEOS
Thanks smiledgamingfreakz.

peace out

PS: I might hire on more admins later, but as of now it's not really necessary, so please withhold your offers

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Special thanks

big ups to dexterboy124 for helping me get through and catch up on these emails :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Section: Editors Picks

I've added a new section to the genre list. Editors picks is basically a list of my personal favorite songs (in no particular order) on FST. By the way, asking to have your submission put in here will do NOTHING, so don't even waste your time. These are not necessarily the best, just my personal favorites.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008